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Animal Baby Loveys

Animal Baby Loveys

Little kids need loveys—like soft blankets or teddy bears—to soothe and comfort them during sleepytime, playtime, and other moments when they feel emotional or anxious. They also make the perfect companion during travel and illness, and help ease separation anxiety and a child’s transition from dependence to independence.

Loveys Are a Good Habit, and It’s Normal to Have One

Most children develop  Estella loveys for babies a relationship with a loved, cherished object—a blankie, teddy bear, or soft blanket—by age eight or twelve months. This is a natural part of childhood development, and it’s completely healthy for them to have this attachment.

They Can Bond with Faces

Babies recognize the pattern of their parents’ faces as early as three months, so having a lovey that has a similar face helps them connect. They also like to hug, cuddle, and touch their loveys, so a stuffed animal that has a soft, tactile surface is a great option for them.

How to Choose the Perfect Animal Baby Lovey for Your Little One

They Can Be Personalized

You can add a name or monogram to your animal baby blankets for extra sentimental value. Some styles feature a personalized name or message that you can write yourself, while others let you choose from a variety of font styles and color options.

Animal Baby Blankets Are a Great Gift

Give your loved ones the gift of a lovey they can keep forever with these adorable animal baby blankets. These cozy linens are sewn with comfortable materials that feel great against sensitive baby skin and can be machine-washed. Some styles also include hand-stitched details that add a vintage heirloom feel.

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