Are PBN Links in SEO a Good Idea?

The first PBN links will not earn you anything and that’s because most search engines don’t care about them. These are links that are purchased for advertising purposes and not for the purpose of improving your SEO rankings. The only time these make a difference is if you’re an affiliate marketing company that uses them to advertise products. That’s why these types of links in SEO aren’t worth very much money – they’re a one-time investment with no long-term benefits.

The Truth About Are Pbn Links In Seo A Good Idea?

The more common PBN links that search engines care about are the inbound links from other websites that link back to your site. These are the ones that really matter in the grand scheme of things because they have the potential to either improve your ranking or worse, bring it down. Affiliate marketing and ecommerce sites that use PBN backlinks need to be monitored closely by website owners because of this potential issue. If your site is linking back from a page with a high PR then you should definitely think about making some changes to your pbn strategies to reduce your exposure and risk.

A good way to think about PBNs in terms of SEO is to remember that they’re not your main keyword. This is what search engines like Google and Yahoo look at to determine what your main keyword is. Your PPC ads will generally be displayed on pages where your main keyword appears, but this isn’t always necessarily true. Sometimes, it’s just smarter to choose to display your PPC ads on the pages where your main keywords appear. The rule of thumb is to build your backlinks on pages with higher rankings in your main keyword, but this is a massive topic and there are many different backlink strategies out there, so it’s not something I can say definitively in a short amount of time.

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