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Best Online dispensary Canada is a comprehensive site that showcases information about licensed Canadian marijuana producers, distributors, suppliers and related websites. We provide the latest news on the cannabis industry from Canada and abroad. Canadian legalized marijuana has become a cash cow for organized crime, as well as an attractive profit generator for illegal dealers. The best online dispensary reviews assist Canadian consumers decide which organizations to trust and where to purchase marijuana online from.

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What Is Online Cannabis Dispensary Canada And How Does It Work?

In addition, with recently legalized online recreational marijuana delivery sites, the mail order marijuana industry in Canada is exploding as every province runs its own web-based marijuana stores, either privately or publicly. With storefronts springing up everywhere, Canadians are buying their favorite strains through the mail, online catalogs and even over the phone or internet call services. In fact, the increase in mail order marijuana stores has led some companies to develop automated ordering systems that can deliver pot products to your doorstep. Best Online dispensary also facilitates secure, confidential and discreet mail order to Canadian residents, while keeping business records of customers’ personal information private.

Canada’s mail order weed industry is currently estimated to be worth billions of dollars a year. If the trend continues, more provinces will begin taxing and regulating the sale and production of cannabis. Although the current legislation allows for home growing and personal use of cannabis, enforcement of Canada’s laws regarding the cultivation, production, possession and distribution of cannabis remains lax. In the meantime, best online dispensary provides a safe and reliable online cannabis experience to Canadian citizens so they can legally buy marijuana online in the country that has helped transform the lives around them.

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