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The Top 3 Music Schools in SingaporeThe Top 3 Music Schools in Singapore

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Music is one of the most universal languages, and mastering it requires specialized guidance. In Singapore, music schools are the first step toward pursuing a career in music. Despite the fact that there are many music schools in Singapore, only a few have built a reputation as excellent places for beginners and professionals to take lessons. Listed below are the top three music schools in Singapore. Let’s explore each one’s benefits and how it can benefit you.

Make Sure To Consider What’s Best For You

LVL Music Academy offers private, 1-to-1 music lessons singapore with award-winning teachers. They have teachers who have specialised training in Russian and ABRSM, and are capable of teaching everyone, from toddlers to adults. From violin to cello to keyboard and piano lessons, LVL Music Academy has a class for you. Besides violin and cello lessons, LVL Music Academy also provides music theory classes.

LVL Music Academy is located in the heart of Singapore’s arts scene, near Sultan Plaza. It is run by the renowned music teacher Shao-wen, who started studying the violin at a very young age. She has since won the 1st prize at the National Piano and Violin Competition in 1997 and 1999. She has also studied under famous pianists and violin teachers including Erick Friedman, Hu Kun and Adrian Adlam.

LVL Music Academy is Singapore’s premier music school, offering lessons in a variety of genres. Classical music has rich tones and intricate arrangements, and many famous composers are associated with it. Jazz, on the other hand, has the catchiest arrangements. Almost any musical instrument is suitable for jazz. In fact, jazz is the most widely-appreciated genre in the world.

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