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Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

die cut vinyl stickers

Die cut vinyl stickers | Vinyl Status  are a unique type of custom sticker that can be printed around the edges of your design and then cut to the shape you want. They are perfect for a wide variety of simple and complex designs, including logos, product labels, artwork reproductions and more!

Custom shaped stickers are a great way to promote your business or event. They are also an affordable and impactful marketing tool that can be used for a wide range of reasons, from spreading the word about a special sale to showing off your brand’s cool new designs.

Choosing the right size for your custom sticker is key to making it effective. For example, a bumper sticker will need to be larger than a window sticker and smaller than a helmet sticker.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Applying Custom Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

Consider the placement of your sticker as well when deciding the size. Stickers on the outside of a car need to be large enough to protect the surface from UV rays, but not so large that they are too cumbersome to transport and apply.

Our die-cut stickers are laminated with a matte finish (gloss available upon request) to protect the printed layer and ensure your custom sticker is water resistant and looks great, no matter the weather or environment. This makes our die-cut stickers ideal for long-term outdoor use.

Whether you’re printing your next event handout, gift for a client or shipping packages, die cut vinyl stickers are a great option for any size and budget. They’re custom printed with your artwork, then carefully cut to the shape you want and come standard with a back slit (easy peel liner) for quick and easy application.

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