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Getting the Best Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator

mini portable oxygen concentrator

Those who need supplemental oxygen to help with breathing difficulties can use a portable oxygen concentrator to get the breath support they need. The devices allow users to go out, travel and live a more active lifestyle than they would be able to without them. Getting the best mini portable oxygen concentrator for your needs will depend on several factors, including your current and future oxygen needs, as well as how mobile you want to be. Go here mini portable oxygen concentrator –

One of the biggest things to consider when shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator is size and weight. Some machines can be carried in a strap bag, while others require a cart to be dragged around. You should also be aware that small portable oxygen concentrators typically only provide pulse flow, while many stationary home units offer continuous flow delivery as well.

Small Yet Powerful: Embracing the Benefits of Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Other things to consider include how long a portable oxygen concentrator can run on a single battery charge and its noise level. For example, the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort, which is the smallest portable oxygen concentrator on our list, can run for two and a half hours on a single battery charge and produces just as much oxygen as some continuous flow devices. It’s also the quietest POC in our review, meaning it won’t disturb you or your fellow passengers when bringing it on an airplane.

You should also look into whether your insurance covers the costs of a portable oxygen concentrator. While the coverage varies, most private insurers will at least help with the purchase or rental costs, as Medicare does. To find out more, check with your insurer or consult this article on the topic of insurance coverage for oxygen concentrators.

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