Smart Door Locks: Securing Your Entrance to Your Home Or Business

smart door locks

What are smart door locks anyway? A smart lock, often called a biometric lock, is an electronic lock that is designed to do automatic locking and unlocking procedures on a sliding door when it gets such signals from an authorized access point using a biometric key and an approved wireless transmission method. These locks can be installed by professional installers or you can buy them in most home improvement stores and retail shops. The key used to open these locks can be either encoded (giving you the right password) or etched (using a special laser imprint). Either way, you have a highly secured entryway to your home or business where you can be sure that only you are getting into your property.


How do smart locks work? When a door’s sliding mechanism is engaged, the smart locks’ sensors pick up signals from a number of possible access points on the door. If the signals match what is being recorded in the system database (which can be done by a small magnetic strip, printed circuit board, or an infrared camera), then the lock opens and the door does the rest of the job for you. If there are any conflicting signals, then manual unlocking is performed.


For an even more secure setup, a smartphone with an installed Google Maps application can also be used as a “smart key” – if you have an access point already, the smartphone will unlock the door for you automatically instead of having to use a key. Of course, installing this application on all of your devices (smartphones, laptops, etc. ), along with an authentic and trusted access code, is also a must. Once you have this setup, you can set up your Google Maps application to include your own street addresses so that when people enter your property and swipe their cards through the app, they are provided with the real street address of your establishment.

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