Tips On Cleaning Out A Grease Trap Pump In Sydney

grease trap pump out sydney

It can be frustrating to try and clean out a grease trap pump. This device is typically under the kitchen sink where it can accumulate grease and food particles for days. If you want to ensure that you have an effective cleaning experience, it is important that you have all of the proper equipment and supplies on hand to complete the job effectively. Here are some of the resources you will need to clean a grease trap pump out Sydney.

Grease Trap Pump In Sydney

The first resource you will need to clean a grease trap pump in Sydney is an adjustable wrench with a socket. You can use either a standard socket or a special grinder-type wrench. If you are having trouble getting a grip with the standard wrench, it may help to use a specialized grinder-type wrench in order to properly remove the plate from the unit. Once you have removed the plate, the screw that attaches the plate to the machine should be loosened slightly in order to free up the grease trap pump.

Another resource you will need when cleaning out a grease trap pump in Sydney is a shop vac. The suction hose you use should have the capacity to extract at least half a gallon of fluid. It is important to completely empty out the system before moving to remove the motor assembly. Once you have taken off the motor, you will need to disassemble the entire assembly in order to avoid any potential damage to the walls or flooring underneath.

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