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The new wordmark for vancouver logos, Canada has sparked criticism. An open letter signed by over one hundred members of the local design community condemned the “misguided process” and labeled it a threat to civic democracy. Despite these objections, city staff are already using the new logo on their business cards and brochures. Ultimately, they decided that they needed to seek formal approval from city council before using it for public consumption.

How Do You Find The Right Ones?

The new wordmark, developed at a cost of $8,000, is a block letter design in Gotham font. Unlike the old logo, the new logo has no interlocking graphic. However, the new wordmark questions whether or not the city chose the lowest-bidder to design its new logo and whether they did adequate research to make it compatible with the digital medium. However, the logo reflects the city’s current state of incompetence and opacity, which are not appropriate for a vibrant place.

When choosing a Vancouver logo, you should look for something that stands out among its competitors. Your logo must tell your audience what you do and what you stand for. A minimalistic layout may be the right choice to send a message of elegance, while a more dynamic and colorful design can be fun. Pay attention to the fonts, color palette, design themes, and layout of various vancouver logos and take note of what makes them unique.

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