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this Indianapolis dentist

“I went to see my Indianapolis dentist for a wisdom tooth pulled due to a crown,” said Mary Jo Kopp. “The doctor did a good job of pulling it out, but now I’m worried about having metal dental work. This dentist works with all types of people, but especially patients like me who don’t want any extra work done to their teeth or gums. He does not push this practice on me but rather listens to what I have to say and then gives me options.” Mary is a dental patient in the Fort Wayne area who likes to take care of her own oral hygiene and is pleased with the overall care she gets.


“I always thought having a dentist like Dr. Kinney was something I would enjoy, but until recently I had never considered him for a regular cleaning. But since my son moved out of town a few months ago, I have had to schedule extra appointments and even cancelled some because of what his staff said was “visit urgency.” They told me that they couldn’t guarantee me another cleaning because of my continuing health issues, but when I explained the situation to them, they quickly made me understand. They assured me that my condition wasn’t as bad as it looked and they would be glad to give me another checkup. After the third visit, I was able to tell them I was feeling better and they scheduled me for the fourth soonest.


This Indianapolis dentist is one of the best I have ever dealt with. The staff is always willing to go above and beyond for me. The atmosphere in this office is excellent; the staff is very understanding and always make you feel comfortable. I have been going to this Indianapolis dentist for a couple years now and have found great things to like about this practice. I am constantly impressed with the way they take care of their patients, especially my son, and am happy that I can schedule regular cleanings at this dentist. The staff is very polite and caring, and I feel comfortable with all of them.

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