VOIP Phone Systems: What Are the Features You Should Look For?

VOIP Phone Systems: What Are the Features You Should Look For?

If you’re in the Choose Your VOIP Today market for VoIP phone systems you’ve probably been overwhelmed with the selection available. From traditional phone systems to completely wireless solutions, you can’t seem to decide which one is best for your needs. Before making any calls consider these important factors: Do you need to make international calls? Will using a PC phone is more efficient for you?


There are many excellent options for businesses using VoIP phone systems. From traditional PBX systems to business phone systems specifically designed for business use, you can find an affordable solution that meets your needs. Some of the options include: residential voip phone systems, small business VOIP phone systems, IP Centrex, PC-based office phone systems, voice over ip (VOIP), business phone systems, networked VOIP phone systems, web based voip phone systems and all-inclusive home phone systems.


Small businesses often don’t have the budget to upgrade or even buy their own CRM (customer relationship management) software. However, VOIP phone systems can offer them the insight they need to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) operations. Many VOIP call providers provide hosted CRM software with their services. The hosted software is compatible with many existing VOIP phone systems and allows businesses to access their CRM via a common interface. This way, small business owners can still monitor their customer’s calls, manage contact lists, set reminders, and view activity from anywhere.

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