What is Trauma Counseling?

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Trauma counselling Melbourne can help to deal with a range of emotions including anxiety and depression. The most widely experienced side-effects of such a distressing or traumatic event including an accident, sexual assault, miscarriage, domestic violence or any other frightening life experience can be trauma counselling. It is not uncommon to experience feelings of guilt, helplessness and fear following such events. It is very common for trauma counsellors to work with their patients who have experienced rape, abuse or major injuries. Most counselling professionals are trained in trauma interventions and are trained in the use of medications to help patients suffering from emotional and physical stress.


The effects of child abuse can be devastating; however, most children recover from this type of trauma with a wide variety of support services including therapeutic care. A trauma counsellor is trained in working with children who have been exposed to violent material such as pictures or drawings. They are also trained to deal with issues that relate to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in adults. A trauma counsellor can also refer their clients to appropriate organizations or services if they feel it is necessary. Some trauma counsellors work exclusively with children or people who have experienced childhood abuse. The type of services a trauma counsellor provides largely depends on the trauma they have encountered and the types of issues they are dealing with.


A trauma counsellor can help clients move forward following a traumatic event by offering them practical tools to deal with the feelings and emotions that they are experiencing. A trauma counsellor will often work with their clients one on one either over the telephone or in person. The aim of this type of professional is to ensure that the client gets effective, practical advice and emotional support that they need to follow a distressing or traumatic event. This type of professional works to provide their clients with the ability to understand their feelings and the effect a traumatic experience may have on them.

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